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We are happy to invite you to our factory visit at any day and time that is convenient to you. We are enclosing our company profile as an attachment file for your kind perusal. Also we request you to see our infrastructure and facility available with us.

Buy appropriate count, and color in case of melange. Sometimes, dyeing is done at this stage itself.

Choose the machine type, gauge, dia and texture, as required to get the proper construction. dia and GSM.

Could be one or more of 1.Mercerising, 2.Washing, 3.Dyeing, 4.Bleaching, 5.printing, 6.Washing.
[Note : It is important to understand, when to wash and when to Bleach.]

Could be one or more of 1.Brushing, 2.Curing, 3.Shearing, 4.Tumble Drying and 1.Calendering, 2.Compacting and 3.Heat Setting.
[Note : It is important to understand, which process is suitable for which fabric & atleast one of the second group has to be done compulsorily.]

Sometimes, Printing, Curing, Embroidery, Applique, Sequencing work are done after this stage. In that case, actual shaping is done after these processes.(2 stages of cutting)

Could be one or more of 1.Stiching, 2.Buttoning, 3.Labelling.

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